• Chinese, Superstitions, and the Gambling World

    The Chinese are known to be superstitious breed. Because of the Chinese, the world has come to know of Feng Shui and the horoscope. Even those who are not Chinese consult Feng Shui masters for the arrangement of their houses. Certainly, this is a proof of how superstitions guided, if not controlled, the Chinese way of life.

    Superstitions are found be used much in the Chinese gambling world. After all, where else would you like to be lucky but gambling right?

    How evident is it that Chinese are very superstitious in their gambling games?

    Well, for one, just look at their movies. A Chinese movie entitled Fat Choi Spirit shows a gambling player who wore red underwear to a gambling game. That same gambling player asked his friends to touch his opponents' shoulders while gambling. There are also a number of bags which contained books surrounding him during the gambling match. All of these are believed to bring good luck to that gambling player.

    Another Chinese movie that shows just how much Chinese believe that superstitions will help them win gambling games is the Kung Fu Mahjong. In the said movie, the gambling player also wore red underwear, like in the Fat Choi Spirit. The movie also shows his friends as they shout "Deng!" before the card is drawn. This gesture is a lso known to give good luck.

    If you are not yet satisfied, then just observe the Chinese gambling players at the casinos. They usually bet their lucky numbers, even without the consideration of the odds. They base their lucky numbers according to the Feng Shui and the placement of the stars, and of course on the horoscope.

    You will also see them performing rituals before the gambling games. They usually pray to their god, and offer them stuffs like food. The Chinese are known to revere their gods with the highest form of respect.

    During the Chinese New Year, they perform rituals that will increase their luck in gambling.

    As said earlier, they believe much in Feng Shui, and they arrange their furniture according to what the Feng Shui masters say in hope that they would get more lucky at gambling.

    Whether you want to follow the Chinese superstitions on gambling or not is totally up to you. But if you do not believe them, do not mock the Chinese, because that is their belief, and you have no right to judge them.

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