• Globalysis Forecasts an Estimate of $8 Billion for Macaus Revenue

    August 3rd the Globalysis Ltd. issued a forecast of expected gross gaming revenue in Macau Special Administration Region for the year 2007. The forecast estimates approximately $8 billion in the calendar year 2007, the revenue the legal casino gaming in Macau has raised from an estimated figure of $6.8 billion in the year 2006. This is an 18 percent increase over the previous year.

    Some factors for Macau's success which contribute to its growth are the strong macro-economic activity, robust tourism industry capital investments.

    "Macau will continue its transformation into a holistic leisure tourism destination in 2007. We believe that Macau's casino gaming revenue in 2007 will be driven by substantial growth in non-casino amenities such as new convention center venues and innovative entertainment options incorporated into Macau's fresh Las Vegas style integrated resorts," stated Mr. Jonathan Galaviz, Partner at Globalysis.

    In Q4 of 2006 a new Las Vegas style integrated resorts will open Globalysis has reported. This new resort would provide new tourism value proposition to consumers in Asia by mid-2007.

    The growth of Macau as a true tourism destination will contribute to the positive growth in 2007, rather that just a day-visit casino gaming hub.

    Globalysis issued a forecast of Asia's total expected casino gaming revenue for 2006, an approximately $13 billion which was submitted in January.

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